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I’ve had many blogs over the years, and I started this one with the purpose of having it be primarily about posting random photos of mine on a frequent basis. I found that’s a bit harder to do than it sounds, so over time I went back to posting a little bit about everything. I love cats/pets, movies, (pc) video games, baseball/Red Sox, random idle musings of a rambling nature & the occasional rant.

I don’t write only on one theme, my grammar isn’t perfect, my writing style is casual at best, I’m not controversial and I’m definitely not a comedian…I’m just this middle-aged, anonymous blogger whose largest audience is probably her family, y’know? What you see is what you get.

One note - Not that I expect registration/comments, since I do nothing to encourage it, but just FYI, because of spambots any comments must be approved first, so they will not show up right away. Thanks.


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