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19 Feb

This is a blog post

… albeit a short one. I wanted to briefly comment on couple things - not because it’s exciting or interesting, but because I can, and you the audience can’t do a thing to stop me! *cue evil laughter*

1 - If you don’t like spam-bots trying to add comment-spam to your blog entries, apparently you must not use the words flip and real estate in the same entry. For instance, now that I’ve used them in this post, I should get a bunch of bots trying to add their link-spam comments to this entry. Lucky for me, I foil such attempts with comment-moderation. Take that.

2 - We have bought a house. At least, that’s the theory. Could always fall apart in escrow somewhere. See how positive and optimistic I am? Seriously, I think it’s finally all over. Except for the packing part. I hate packing. Best of all, we managed to buy something in a fairly decent neighborhood. The house is smaller than the one we’ve been renting/living in for the past … uh … 14? years, but it does have 3 separate bedrooms. We’ll be all right. We’ll be very poor for a while, but all right.

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