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03 Mar

I’ll take that sunbeam for 10 pts.

cat photo

My cat Baby has been feeling old and sick lately and I suspect he won’t last a whole lot longer. I think he’s been feeling the cold of winter more than in past years, and during one of the sunny days last week he kept walking over to the sliding glass window and sitting in front of the closed vertical blinds. Once it became late enough for the sun to start hitting that glass door, I opened the blinds a little bit and he promptly lay down in the ensuing sunbeam to take a nap.

He’s had a good time being the “only cat” these past 8 months or so, after ending up being the only remaining kitty alive of my once-9-cat brood. I’m not sure if he’ll be making the move to the new house or not -still assuming that this move will be taking place, of course - it might be more stress than he could handle in his condition. We shall see.

It’s been sad to see him lose his confidence for balancing on his hind legs to do his patented paw-waving beg thing:
cat photo
… when I hold out a finger now, he starts to make an attempt to rise, but then stops and just looks at my hand. So now I have to bring my finger down to him so he can still happily chew on my fleshy digits.

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