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16 May

Cardboard cat bed revisted

Not long after I made Baby-kitty a simple, enclosed sleeping bed out of a cardboard filing box, I decided it wasn’t long enough. So I took an old printer box and the lid from the filing box to create a new bed. This took a bit more cutting work, to create the sloped “roof line” that gives it a sort of barn roof shape. The main box is heavier cardboard, which is also good. And as you can see below, Baby is as pleased by this hidey-bed as w/my earlier version. He can even stretch out lengthwise, somewhat, if he wants.

cat photo cat photo
cat photo

My biggest amusement (I’m easily amused…) is how Baby often initially crawls into the box and sits/lies down with his tail hanging out of the entrance and onto the floor. He’ll stay like that for a long time - I bet he thinks he’s “hidden” and forgets that he has a tail. After all, cats don’t have very big brains, y’know.

cat photo

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