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31 May

It’s Raining Avocados

Our neighbor was on his roof this afternoon, trying to shake down some avocados from their tree. I don’t know how many fell into his yard, but 7 of them fell into our yard, and they’re ours now. Hah! Some of them are really big, as you can see in the picture below, where I used a banana to compare lengths.


It was nice to get some “fresh” avocados this time around. The avocados currently left on the tree (and there’s still a lot of them) are so high up that we’d need a 20-30 foot pole to knock them down ourselves. So most of the time, we just wait for them to fall to the ground on their own…or for the squirrels to knock them down for us. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned that the squirrels like to do that? They bounce on the branches to get the fruit to fall, and then spend several days chewing holes in the avocados at their leisure. Our yard near the fence is littered with avocado pits…oh, we recently saw a raccoon run across the back fence, so maybe he eats some too.

Anyway, between gravity and the squirrels, we might manage to grab one or two un-chewed upon avocados a week. Getting seven at once, where they were largely undamaged, is cool. Thanks, neighbor.

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