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05 Jun

A “Blah” kind of week - cat and thumbs

Windy, cloudy, not-summery weather in June makes me “Blah.”

Baby-kitty definitely feels a lot better now. He’s bright-eyed, chipper, etc. The only odd thing is the past few days he’s developed an odd sound when he eats. It’s a “clacking” noise…it doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it’s loud - as if someone is whacking a small hard stick on a plate. I’ve watched him while he eats, and he doesn’t tilt his head or grind his jaw or anything like that - if anything, he slurps up his wet vittles faster and with greater ease then ever before. Maybe a piece of that tooth root the vet couldn’t remove is working its way loose and is “clacking” against his lower teeth sometimes? I don’t know, but it’s strange and kind of amusing. I guess as long as he looks/acts well and eats fine, I’m not going to worry about it - but it sure is a loud and freaky noise.

My thumbs….on the one hand seem to be getting better, but on the other hand they’re definitely stiffer and less bendable than they were before. Both the top joint and what I think is the carpometacarpal joint (see image) are still prone to popping out and “freezing.”

thumb joints

The popping isn’t happening as often, so that seems good, but the general ache/weakness of the thumbs, including the meaty part of the palm by your thumb - seems worse…ie, maybe they’re slowly healing, but healing poorly, if that makes sense. Ah well. So I’d guess I have early degenerative arthritis of the thumbs. Which is mostly irritating because it means I have to be very careful not to strain them w/the motions that bother them, so hopefully they won’t degenerate further from wear/tear, too fast. I guess what I thought was just a little strain/soreness from too much hand-usage during the house-moving process was more than “a little” - the fingers healed up fine, but it pushed the thumbs over some proverbial edge or something.

Sigh. Well, hubby and I are going to see the latest Indiana Jones movie tomorrow afternoon. Maybe that’ll bring me out of the grumpy blahs.

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