-Having a point is so over-rated.


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18 Jun



1. inspiring awe: an awesome sight.
2. showing or characterized by awe.
3. Slang. very impressive: That new white convertible is totally awesome.

I was re-reading the last few entries and I noticed that lately I appear to like the above word far too much.
I also noticed that I need a proof-reader. There’s something about typing out a blog entry on the PC that makes me misspell, forget to insert words between other words, use bad sentence structure, change topic every sentence (kind of) without realizing how it’s going to “read”, and so on. No matter how much faster typing is than handwriting, unless you’re the Superman of typists, nothing matches the word-speed of the mind. And if you’re also a lazy typist who’s just trying to get something written so you can move on to something else, heaven help you.

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