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13 Oct

Baseball season is over…

…at least for me.

The Boston Red Sox made it into the division playoffs as the wildcard, but were swept by the LA Angels. Closer Papbelbon gave up the runs in the third game, turning what seemed to be a series-extending win into a heart-crushing loss. Thus ended the 2009 season for the Red Sox…a season filled with many great games, but also full of inconsistent playing, injuries, and various other issues. Sure, I could watch the rest of the playoffs, and I’ll probably check in on the games now and then…but meh. It’s not like I care about the Dodgers or Yankees or even the Phillies (tho I do love Shane Victorino).

And thus, so far this week, around 4pm, I find myself thinking “What do I do with my late afternoon/early evening, there’s no baseball game!” Wah. Winter will be long, and Spring far away.

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