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13 Oct

Large monitors and websites

I just wanted to touch upon the fact that ever since I bought this 1920×1080 widescreen 23″ LCD monitor, my RAW photos look very nice on the monitor. That’s what high-resolution does for you. (Although I’m still not a big fan of LCD monitors in general…just saying…) The downside is I now have a harder time telling if a crunched down photo, for website sharing, is going to look ok on a monitor with much lesser resolution. I can, of course, still set the monitor to lower resolution settings. But with LCD’s, any resolution that isn’t the “native resolution” means everything starts to look like fuzzy crud, so it’s useless for determining whether a photo looks ok in a lower resolution or not. Does this matter? No, not usually. But it preys on my mind at times, simply because that’s the way my obsessive mind works.

Another, unrelated problem is that my website, when fully expanded, now looks a bit silly. Since I have the pages set up to “expand/contract” elastically depending on what size your browser window currently is, at full 1920 screen -and assuming your browser/pc recognizes my ‘elastic’ way of doing things - the center text/post area is now humongous. Either you have lots of empty white space, or you have to move your head a lot to read the long horizontal lines of text. It is a bit overwhelming.

And yet, I am too lazy to go into things and create a fixed page format size. Even if I assume everyone has at least 1280 horizontal resolution these days, fixed page-styles have their own set of issues that I dislike. Still…the main problem is I’m simply too lazy and can’t be bothered to geek on my hardly-used blog software these days. Sorry. If you have large, widescreen monitor and don’t like the wide main-content area, you can always do what I do…scrunch your browser window to about half desktop size. After all, what’s the point of having such a large desktop size if you aren’t going to multitask with some windows on one side of the screen and other windows on the other side? Hmm?

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