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28 Oct

Have a Happy Hamster Halloween

May you get lots of candy or party hard, or both. And do a hamster dance or two.

hamster dance

16 May

Jesus Christ Superstar MIDI tracks

JCS album cover

Just in case you ever wanted a bouncy, electronic, singer-less MIDI version of “Heaven on Their Minds.”

17 Feb

Shaun Cassidy

I admit it, I was a teeny-bopper once. I blame The Monkees and this blonde fella in the video below. I probably drove my older brother crazy playing such music at top volumes in my room. I also drove my brother nuts playing “My Sharona” but that’s another story.

The video is an old B&W clip from the Goldie Hawn show where Shaun sings “Do You Believe in Magic.” The sound quality is terrible but it’s a blast from the past.

If your browser is outdated you may not see the video window.

YouTube Preview Image

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