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15 Apr

American Idol Top 7 sings Mariah Carey

Tonight on American Idol, the contestants had to sing from Mariah Carey’s songbook. I’ll be the first to admit that while I know of Mariah, I’ve never listened to her songbook. I guess there’s a lot of famous music artists that I haven’t ever bothered to get to know, especially in the past 20 years. So I had almost zero familiarity with the music this time around.

Paula Abdul had on a purple off-the-shoulder dress on, which was finally something that was well-tailored to suit her.
What is with Randy Jackson the past few weeks? He’s gone from constantly agreeing with Paula and nearly raving over every performance to being not very impressed with most. Almost makes you wonder if the producers told him “You and Paula always agreeing makes for boring TV, start being more critical.” I could almost see a case for that, really. One gushing Paula is enough.

David Archuleta - “What You Believe“: First, the black leather pants have got to go. Second, this song was boring with a capitol B. I nearly fell asleep. On the bright side, David A. performed with his usual professionalism, earning accolades from the judges and, of course, from the screaming tweens in the studio audience. I felt it was a little too low in pitch for him in the early parts, but the vocal runs and more power type notes were very good.

Carly Smithson - “Without You“: This was the one song I was familiar with - because I grew up listening to then-famous Harry Nilsson’s version, which you can listen to via this YouTube video. Carly was also too low-pitched early on, and as we watched I said to hubby “I bet that’s so she can hit the power notes” - and yup, when she belted out the chorus, she sounded pretty good to me. She seemed to be trying harder to frown less and smile more, but she still seemed a bit physically uptight or something - and it shows in her voice. So a decent performance but not stellar - it certainly wasn’t anywhere as good as Nilsson’s version. Since we’re down to only 7 now, I’m going to say she’s not safe.

Syesha Mercado - “Vanishing“: The most exciting part about Syesha’s performance was her shiny gold dress. She had some good vocal runs, and yes she can sing, but she just didn’t inspire me in any way. It’s like she’s technically proficient but has little stage-charisma. Not safe.

Brooke White - “Hero“: Sitting behind the big black piano once more, Brooke started out quite well, imo. I like Brooke’s sound, so perhaps I’m not the most impartial. Towards the middle of her performance tho, I frowned and asked hubby “She’s sped up the pace, hasn’t she?” Hubby said “yeah”. I was glad the judges also commented on that, so I could be sure it wasn’t just my imagination. So, in all, she sounded pleasant - but nerves must have gotten to her again and she started rushing the song at the end. I hope she sticks around for a little longer, but even so I’m going to have to say she’s not safe.

Kristy Lee Cook - “Forever“: From being almost universally panned on the internet for her performances to having a string of pretty good ones, Kristy continues her run with a good vocal on this song. There were a few minor off-notes but all in all it was pretty good. Hubby commented that he thought she sounded just a bit like a young Patsy Kline. She might still be in the bottom three, since she’s ended up there so often, but I think if she is, just like all the other times she won’t be voted off. Of course, if she continues to be good, she could eventually fall victim to her fans voting for her less often etc. But not this week, I think.

David Cook - “Always Be My Baby“: OK, David C. can sing that alternative rock sound very well. I admit it. Especially the power notes. Although, once again I thought he was a little too low pitched at the start. Maybe it’s my weird ears again. The problem is, I still don’t like him. Something about him rubs me the wrong way at this point. Still, he definitely sounded like someone with a hit record with this performance, and he’s safe, safe, safe.

Jason Castro - “I Don’t Wanna Cry“: Guitar-less and sitting on a stool, I thought perhaps Jason was going to try something really different and blow it. But he wisely had the band play softly, with mostly a guitar (or whatever) playing the most audibly, and it worked. It was typical Jason, being kinda mellow and lightweight, but he sang well. It was very much an “easy listening” type of arrangement - y’know, the kind you’d hear on an “easy listening” station while at work. Sometimes that can be a bad thing, but in this case, I think it was a good thing.

So who will be in the bottom three? I think it’ll be three gals. Carly and Syesha, and then either Kristy or Brooke. Who will go home? I’m kinda thinking Carly. But as always … who bloody knows. :)

10 Apr

American Idol Voters Get It Wrong

Of course, “wrong” is relative, and that’s just my opinion. Plus, it’s American Idol, so what can you really expect. :)

After a long hour of “Idol Gives Back” re-caps and the usual filler, the bottom three tonight were Michael Johns, Carly Smithson, and Syesha Mercado. The inclusion of Michael Johns surprised me a little - not horrendously, but a little. When Ryan gave Carly and Syesha’s names, I just knew that meant Michael was being voted off, and my jaw dropped on the floor. After Ryan confirmed that indeed, Michael had the lowest amount of votes this week, you could feel the surprise and shock in the studio audience. The camera lingered on Paula’s face for a few moments, and her jaw was literally hanging open. Carly’s jaw was also dropped - I think she really expected to go home tonight.

Totally unexpected elimination, and for once, it wasn’t just me who felt that way.

I mean, ok, I didn’t think Michael Johns was going to win the competition, but I did think he’d last until the Top 5 or thereabouts. This was too early, in my opinion. This might be one of those cases where Michael, after struggling for so long, finally started having some “hot” performances and doing better, so his fans started to think he was safe and stopped their frantic voting…and his fans weren’t numerous enough to afford to slack off like that. If this is the case, it just proves once again how the whole “America decides” + “vote as often as you want” system AI uses is just stupid. It turns the whole show into a popularity speed-dialing contest rather than one of talent - it’s not even half talent and half popularity. And no, I’m not deluded enough to have thought anything else, before even this. American Idol has always been this way. It’s just “shocker” moments like these that forcefully drive home the point, making us, the audience, unable to even pretend otherwise for the sake of being entertained, via vicariously watching other people being made into “stars”.

Will I still watch/review? Of course I will. But emotionally I think that Season 7 has mostly ended, for me. Not because I think Michael specifically should have won, mind you, but because I’m tired and I think I’ve had just about enough of the glitter of fool’s gold, for one year. :)

Worst moment of the show: Ryan Seacrest, after saying Michael would be going home, decided to remind everyone that “last year, we didn’t send anyone home at this point.” You could see hope appear in Michael’s eyes, and the hopeful tension of the studio audience was palpable. Then Ryan said that wasn’t happening this year and Michael was still going home. OOOHHH, HARSH. For pete’s sake, that was completely unnecessary and cold-blooded. I don’t know if that was an ad-lib by Ryan or something scripted that he had to read/do, but it was cruel and utterly without entertainment value or merit of any kind. Boo, hiss.

Michael, if you ever make any records, I’ll buy one. And look on the bright side - by not winning, you won’t be roped into all those funky AI contracts or whatever they make the winners sign. Good luck for your future.

08 Apr

American Idol - Top 8 Inspires

I didn’t write an entry for the Top 9 show last week, as I was in the middle of moving. I did see it, but we didn’t have our internet hooked up yet…but never fear, I’m back…just in time for the Idols to sing “inspirational” songs as their theme. I cringed a little at this, wondering if we were to be treated to a bunch of boring ballads, but while there were some ballads, they weren’t all boring. Most were, but not all. Maybe I’m still tired from moving, but I didn’t feel like this was a great Idol week.

Before I blather on about my opinions of the Idol performances, I’d like to make a snide comment about Paula Abdul’s dress this evening. Let’s just say that it didn’t flatter her upper half. First those funky black gloves, then this strapless top that bound and bunched her chest into unflattering oblivion. Ugh. Yes, Paula, please fire your tailor. Anyway, on to the performances:

Michael Johns - “Dream On”/(Areosmith): I’m not sure I’d call this an “inspirational” song, but whatever. After last weeks great bluesy performance, at first I was a little disappointed that he was reverting back to a heavy rock anthem. But he did a good job with it - even the falsetto part, while not stellar, wasn’t too shabby. The audience loved it and the judges thought it was good to all right. Not his best, but far better than those lackluster weeks early on.

Syesha Mercado - “I Believe”/(Fantasia): ARRRRGH. Syesha, Syesha, Syesha. Please stop singing well-known songs by famous female divas. She did ok with it, although it went back to the high tones that my ears don’t like. It was also, imo, a boring performance, with no emotional resonance/strength. But I don’t like these kind of songs to begin with, so what do I know.

Jason Castro - “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”/(Israel Kamakawiwo’ole): The judges loved Jason’s performance this week, and I’m going to have to disagree. I liked Jason several weeks ago, but I guess I’ve become tired of him already because he’s beginning to feel too one note. Always that quiet subdued voice, always playing an instrument. But it was a decent performance for him, better than last week. The ukulele was a little different, but I wasn’t too fond of the repetitive and overly loud - compared to his vocals - strumming. And last, I don’t think I liked this arrangement of the famous song.

Kristy Lee Cook - “Anyway”/(Martina McBride): She wants to not be in the bottom three, and with this performance, she might not be. It wasn’t spectacular, and I still don’t like her voice or song choices very much personally, but she controlled her pitch for the most part, she looked good, and I think her fans will love it. I’ll go out on a limb and predict that she will avoid the bottom 3 this week.

David Cook - “Innocent”/(Our Lady Peace): Oh, ugh. The opening bit I couldn’t understand a word he said, and the whole performance felt self-indulgent and a bit cheesy. Not his best vocal, either, with some pitch and tone issues. It just didn’t work. Still, David C. at his worst is still better than many, and with his current fan base, I’m sure he’s safe. I loathed that white jacket of his, tho, and the open palm with the words “GIVE BACK” written on it made me groan. It’s a nice gesture I suppose, but cornball as hell.

Carly Smithson - “The Show Must Go On”/(Queen): Dear Carly, I’m tired of you always wearing sleeveless shirts and tanktops. We all know you have a huge tattoo on your arm and we’d like to see you in an outfit that’s not plainly designed to show that off, more often. What’s that? Her performance? Oh yeah. Carly was in her top “I’m very serious/angry” facial expression form, which combined with her shrieky vocals, made her performance more torturous than inspirational. We all know she can sing a lot better than this, so it’s kind of a shame. Considering most of the others did better and/or have larger fan bases, I think Carly may end up in the bottom 3 this week.

David Archuleta - “Angels”/(??): Never heard of the song. Never wanted to hear it. I’m bored of David A. by now. The first half of his performance was a little strained in the low notes, but the second half he inspired with his big notes and runs. Of course he’s safe. I don’t think there’s any chance of him not being safe until we’re down to the last four, at least.

Brooke White - “You’ve Got a Friend”/(Carole King): When her song choice was announced, my husband immediately said “This should be good.” Because, y’know, it just seems like a Brooke kind of song, that she’d do well performing. But Brooke, you disappointed us. She seemed nervous or something, straining/ruining a few notes/words here and there. And either the arrangement was a little too fast for my liking or in her nervousness she sped it up a little, which didn’t help. Carole King’s version of this song is one of my favorites - perhaps Brooke’s voice doesn’t have enough smoky resonance to sing it as well as one might expect. Maybe Brooke should have tried to change the arrangement a little more or something. Anyway, while not awful, it was still disappointing, so I think she might be in the bottom 3.

Bottom three predictions: Syesha, Brooke, and Carly. I have no idea who’s going home, and I don’t think I’ll even try and guess. :)

26 Mar

American Idol Top 10 - You Say It’s Your Birthday

American Idol’s Top 10 had to tell everyone the date of their birth and then sing a song from that year. I wouldn’t really call this a “theme” - it’s more of a chance for the contestants to be able to have another shot at picking a song that they might be more familiar with, rather than, say, 60’s week - which gives them a chance to shine in their element more, or something. And a few of them did.

What was the deal with Paula’s fingerless black leather gloves? Does she have arthritis and was trying to keep her joints warm? Whatever … they were ugly and she should fire her wardrobe consultant. On to the opinions of the performances. They’re going to be rushed - I’m really tired and still have a ton of things to do today.

Ramiele Malubay -”Alone:” This is a good song by Heart. It’s a big song. While I didn’t think it was bad, Ramiele wasn’t quite up to it. Her voice isn’t “powerful” enough to make those big notes resonate with the listener. I like Ramiele well enough, but I think she’ll be in the bottom 3 this week. And the fact she had to go first might seal her doom.

Jason Castro - “Fragile:” I used to be a big Police fan, but after his first solo album, I stopped paying attention to Sting’s music. So I wasn’t familiar with this tune - ie, I had no bias. I considered Jason’s performance to be pleasant but not very engaging. He was too quiet, as well. I don’t think he’s in danger this week, but if he doesn’t give America another “Hallejuia” type wow-factor, he might be next week.

Syesha Mercado - “If I Were Your Woman” (Gladys Knight and the Pips): The first half or so of her performance was pretty good. But her power-vocals in the 2nd half were more like shrieking than singing, imo. And she went back to the pom-pom/bozo hairdo. The judges seemed to like it a fair amount - I’m betting the voting audience will as well, but I don’t know if her fan base is large enough to overcome the fact a few others were so much stronger tonight.

Chikezie - “If Only for One Night:” Cheesy doesn’t do slow ballads very well. He doesn’t seem to know what to do with himself on stage if he can’t bounce around to the beat and all that stuff that the judges call his “personality.” Was it just me, or did he look like he was ready to burst a vein trying to hold in an outraged reaction to Simon’s initial comments? I still don’t like him and with that performance I’m hoping he’ll be in the bottom 3, but I don’t think he will be.

Brooke White - “Every Breath You Take:” I have HUGE teen-ager memories about this song, so my bias is strong. I love Brooke, but this wasn’t her best. She seemed to try to turn it into a love song, when that’s not what this Police song is about, at all. Vocally it was ok, but Sting’s vocals made you feel something down in here *thumps chest* while Brooke’s was just generic and made me feel nothing.

Michael Johns - “We Will Rock You”/”We Are the Champions:” Have I mentioned that Michael is hot? Oh yea. Tonight he was lucky enough that his birth year allowed him to sing another Queen song. Again, no one - I repeat no one - can ever beat Freddie’s vocals on these songs, but Michael’s performance was solid. He hit all the big notes, he didn’t look foolish, and he got the studio audience really excited. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t make me believe Michael can be a consistent performer with anything but Queen songs. He did seem much more serious during the judge commentary and more confident on the stage etc. - so we can hope that maybe he’ll finally start picking it up every week.

Carly Smithson - “Total Eclipse of the Heart:” If you grew up in the 80’s and don’t love this song, well, poo on you. :) At first I was worried Carly would blast my eardrums away singing this one, but the arrangement was in a low enough range that I was able to listen without pain. And it was good. I thought she nailed the vocals …except for the last note-run. I also think the judges had cotton in their ears, since they didn’t like it as much as I think they should have.

Kristy Lee Cook - “God Bless the USA:” As Kristy started singing, my husband stared at the US flags being displayed on the stage screens and said “Vote For Kristy - Support Our Troops! - End the War!” I laughed. I don’t care if Kristy actually loves this song or not - it’s a song choice that seems designed to garner patriotic votes - ie, “if you don’t vote for me, you don’t like the USA!” and I hate that kind of crap. Simon even said it was a “very clever” song choice, and you know he was thinking the same thing. However, Kristy’s vocals actually weren’t terrible. A little pitchy and bland and always forgettable, but probably some of her best vocals so far. So she just might be safe this week. Then again, her fans might believe she’s safe too, and vote less since they’ll think they don’t have to “save” her, causing her to fall.

David Archuleta - “You’re the Voice”: Never heard of the song, and I wasn’t enlightened as he kept singing. The song seemed somewhat campy and childish - I’d have to agree w/Simon that it felt like an amusement park performance number - or perhaps a “high school musical”. The lyrics slammed you over the head with “don’t miss the message, people, here’s a message!” Even his vocals weren’t top of his game, being a little pitchy here and there. But of course, The Chosen One is safe. I’m beginning to wonder, however, if he’s one of those performers that starts to freeze up towards the end of competitions and will continue to impress less and less.

David Cook - “Billie Jean”: I’d never heard Michael Jackson’s hit arranged in this fashion before. At first I thought David C. had done this all on his own, which would have been big bonus points, but a quick Google and I discovered that no, he was essentially playing a cover-arrangement originated by some guy called Chris Cornell. So basically, David did a great job singing an emo-alt rock version of a famous song. I’m not sure whether to be impressed or my usual “meh.” Still, I can admit he had a fine performance that outshined everyone else and he is definitely safe.

My warbling predictions - Ramiele, Kristy Lee Cook, Chikezie, with Ramiele going home.

19 Mar

American Idol Picks It’s Top Ten

Well, this time I was very much wrong on my “predictions” for the bottom three. Not surprising really, since at this point I think that it could be anyone’s game…for the #2 slot. David Archuleta, I suspect, is of course still favored to win. But second place is still very much contested.

In short, the bottom three this week were Kristy Lee Cook, Amanda Overmyer and Carly Smithson.

Kristy - no surprise. She’s been there a lot this season, and it wouldn’t shock me if she continues to be there as long as she sticks around. Amanda - a little bit of a surprise to me, mostly because I thought she had a stronger voter base. Sure, she was one-note, and sure, she didn’t have much range as a performer. But she appealed to a certain crowd, and I thought they’d carry her through another week. Apparently I was wrong. Carly - that was a big surprise to me. She hasn’t been my favorite by any means, but I thought her vocals were generally good enough to give her an automatic shoo-in for the Top10. Perhaps voters are tired of her scowling browline.

The hour was full of the usual time-fills, including another commercial starring the Top11. I have to admit, my mouth turned up at the corners when Michael Johns was driving the car. He’s just so cute/hot, you can’t deny it. My grin grew bigger during the phoned-in question segment, where someone asked Michael Johns whether being on AI was all he thought it would be. Michael’s reply included his own assessment that he seemed to have peaked during Hollywood week, but he hoped to get it back. That pretty much sums up how all his fans are feeling at the moment, and it was kinda cool that he could acknowledge that about himself. Yes, as hard as I’ve been on Michael the past weeks, I still want him to do well. Because, damnit, he’s hot, ok? :)

I fast-forwarded through much of the filler, to get to the end. And who was the person going home? Was it Kristy? No … once again she was safe. Was it Carly? No … which I’m thankful for, since she deserves more chances on stage, even if she hurts my eardrums. So, that meant that Amanda was going home. She took it in stride and good spirit…which finally made it clear to me why I liked her despite the fact she was so limited in performance scope. Out of all the contestants, Amanda seemed the most genuine. She was herself, and damn what anyone else thought she should do. I never had the feeling she was trying to pander to the judges, or to the audience - she was always saying “this is who I am, if you like me, cool, but if you don’t, hey that’s cool too.” Does that make sense? So for that reason, I will miss her, and I wish her success with whatever she undertakes in the future.

P.S. I just had to mention another Michael Johns note - when Ryan said “You’re safe!” Michael crouched on one knee in relief, which was super duper cute. Yeah…he was worried he was going home this week, that’s for sure. So was I, for that matter. Michael, you obviously have a huge fan-base who refuse to let you disappear - I mean, he wasn’t even in the bottom 3 (again). Heh.

19 Mar

American Idol - Beatles Warmed Over

American Idol apparently had so many demands for it, that they brought back the Beatles for last night’s show. So we were all treated to the Top 11 singing yet more Beatles tunes. This time around most of them did not, in my opinion, stand out or do very well. It was largely all mediocre, and my lack of enthusiasm caused me to brush my teeth and go to bed, rather than hurrying to my computer to write my thoughts to this blog. It’s not that the Top 11 all did horrible but they pretty much all put me to sleep. Either that, or all our current preparing-to-move put me to sleep. I’m not really sure which.

A top moment during the show for me was when Ryan pulled a cellphone away from a “ringer” in the audience to do an ad spiel. It was a top moment because it was so hilarious. Ryan, of course, knew it was a blatant ad work-in, and he didn’t look terribly comfortable about it. So he played on that with some sardonic and possibly sarcastic wordplays and expressions. And at the end, he motioned to the judges whilst saying something about “raising their glasses” - a reference to the ever-present red plastic Coca-Cola cups that Paula, Randy & Simon drink from. I giggled.

Amanda Overmyer - Back in the USSR: I have a complaint about the AI band. They’re too loud. They drown out the singers, making their voices fade/merge into the instrumentals to a point where it’s hard to judge the vocals. Maybe this is on purpose, to hide the fact some of the singers really don’t have much of a vocal range. Amanda’s performance tonight was just ok. I found it to be a little bit shrieky in tone, and even her usual entertaining prancing around the stage seemed a bit mellowed out this time around. Still, I think she’s safe enough for another week.

Kristry Lee Cook - You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away: Kristy sat on a stool this week. That’s often not a very good sign. I can sum up her whole time on stage in this way: “zzzzzzzzz.” At least it wasn’t hyper-kinetic country, but the arrangement was in too low of a pitch for her, which made her vocals sound breathy and weak. I don’t know if it was her performance or the actual arrangement, but it seemed like she slowed the pace of the song down, as well. Since the song is already fairly slow, slowing it down even more just gave it more of that “zzzzzzzz” factor. In her video-taped segment, Kristy mentioned the fact that she’s pretty much always been in the bottom 3, and I don’t think she’s going to change that this week. Definitely not safe.

David Archuleta - The Long and Winding Road: The Wonder Kid made up for his goof-up last week with a good performance of this classic Beatle tune. He sang it well, no mistake. He’s still adorable, and he’s once again back on top with no reason to fear. I still can’t quite put my finger on what it is about him that I don’t like, however. One petty thing: the constant lip-licking - someone give that boy some Chapstick. Or perhaps it’s because his voice is, to me, in that middle stage between young-boy-choir sound and mature-adult sound. He still sounds like he belongs in an all-boy harmonizing band … it’s a certain quality or lilt to the voice. Yes, he is still young, and harmonizing boy-bands can be entertaining, so I don’t mean that as a big criticism. But it makes me wonder what he’s going to sound like 10 years from now. At any rate, he’s definitely safe.

Michael Johns - A Day In The Life: Michael, Michael, Michael. Another of my personal favorite Beatle tunes, and for the first couple lines, I thought Michael was going to pull it off. Then he lost the first high note, and it was all downhill from there. When he picked up the speed for the one fast-paced bit, he bounced up and down in time to the music like a demented jack-in-the-box. Again, if I just listen to Michael’s vocals without staring at the TV, it’s not quite as bad as first impressions might give, but it was still a poor performance. For the first time, I think Michael is not safe. He might even be in the bottom three this week. If he is, and he isn’t eliminated, I hope being in that position gives him a kick in his pants. He also should stop picking songs that have “personal meaning” to him - liking a song doesn’t mean you can sing it.

Brooke White - Here Comes The Sun: Not nearly as strong a performance as last week. Brooke came out wearing this funky yellow dress that looked like layered kitchen-window curtains. Ick. The song suits her, but early in her performance she did this little dance-twirl and a corny “whooo!” popped out of her mouth. Double-ick. Still, she has that infectious smile and her vocals were solid if not exactly super-inspiring. She’s safe for this week, but I hope she does better next time or she may start to fade.

David Cook - Daytripper: The band was once again drowning out the vocals. Which is saying something considering how much David C. screams. He pulled out the voice-box - or as my husband likes to call it, the “squawk-box” - for a few brief moments. Not impressive. And once again, he turned a song into the typical alt-rock arrangement. I grant that David C. has alt-rock pipes, but just like with Amanda, he needs to do something besides turn every single song into the same genre/style and arrangement. In other words, I still don’t like him. And I think all the recent attention is going to his head more every week. As Simon said “I don’t think it was as good as you think it was.” But he’s also definitely safe.

Carly Smithson - Blackbird: Great voice potential, ok performance, decent work with lower pitch range. Her “big” notes still cause my eardrums to fold in on themselves. My upper-range hearing ability is higher than average and the way she modulates her voice on those notes just plain hurts, like a loud ringing in the ears might. But I still give her kudos for her abilities as a singer, even if my own ears can’t quite find a comfort zone. Side note: there are two things I’ve noticed about Carly - one, she could use to stop scowling so much. Those lines between her eyes are going to be canyons before long, and her facial expressions border on the almost scary at times. Two, her accent seems to be getting stronger every week. What’s up with that? Was she trying to “hide” it before, because she was afraid voters might be turned off by it? Was she ashamed of her accent before? It’s a little odd.

Jason Castro - Michelle: Arrrrgh. Every time Jason sang the word “MIEH-shell” I cringed. That one word was terrible, the way he accented it. the rest of the performance was ok, but kinda boring. Nothing outstanding and nothing stood out. Vocals seemed a little too “soft”. And this time around he seemed like he might be on some … uh … pharmaceutical aid. I’m not sure he’s got a lot upstairs, if you know what I mean. But he still seems like such a nice guy, and his grin gathers you in and makes you want to hug him, so he’s still safe for now. But he might run into problems in a couple weeks if he doesn’t come out with a strong performance again.

Syesha Mercado - Yesterday: NO NO NO NO. This is the one song I was hoping no one would do. I can’t be impartial for this song, I’m sorry. You can’t mess with this song, you can’t change its arrangement as much as Syesha did here, and you can’t “force” the emoting to a point where we can tell it’s being “forced”. But wait - what about her vocals? They were pleasant, sure, and worked well with her range, and the judges liked it. Syesha also changed her hair again, which I personally liked. I think she was trying hard to reinvent herself after her bottom-3 scare last week. I may have hated her version of Yesterday, but again I seem to be in the minority, so I suppose it might have saved her arse.

Chikezie - I’ve Just Seen a Face: It was Chikezie’s turn do a weird country-jig. The first bit of his performance seemed pleasant and ok, but then he pulled out this harmonica and out came the country hoe down. Ugh. Last week his inventiveness and daring turned out well, this week it … did … not. I’m really not sure if he’s safe or not this time around. He might have built a big enough fan base by now to be safe.

Ramiele Malubay - I Should’ve Known Better: After being accused of being boring and dull last week, Ramiele tried to pick it up with a more upbeat performance. Unfortunately, she was still boring and vanilla. And she still wears too much lip gloss, making her upper lip look swollen and overly pouty, which visually overwhelms me every time they do a close up on her face. Something about her during this performance screamed out “hyper-active 12 year old from the 80’s Valley Girl” period. She’s still cute, she still has a good vocal instrument, but her performances are not exciting anybody. That hat/outfit didn’t help either.

I predict Ramiele, Kristy Lee Cook will be in the bottom three. It’s hard to predict who will be the third. I’d guess either Chikeze or Michael. Regardless, I pray think that Kristy will be the one going home.  Edit: minor re-tweaking of some wording throughout.

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