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30 Apr


Always sage advice…

…normally I don’t post license plate pics, but I’m sorry, if you have a vanity plate that’s funny and/or easily memorable, you’re likely an attention-seeker and open game.
…btw, if you think there’s even the remotest possibility that some day, you may find yourself having to flee the scene of a crime, I’d recommend not having a vanity plate.

07 Apr

Hai, my name is Kittio Montoya…


… “The Princess Bride” is an awesome movie.

20 Jun

When life seems hard, just remember…

cat gagging

Being able to wash yourself with something other than your mouth was the best evolutionary step humans made. OK, maybe standing upright and having opposable thumbs tops that, but it’s still pretty high up there, in my book.

18 Jun

What not to feed ground squirrels

ground squirrel eating a twinkie

I mean, c’mon…I know that twinkie-like cakes can be tasty treats for the human sweet tooth, but we can at least brush our teeth and go to the dentist. I’m not sure what surprised me more - seeing someone toss it to the squirrels, or see a squirrel actually eating it. It’s not exactly a nut or fruit, after all.

I may have posted this a long time ago, but if I did, that ancient blog entry is long gone, and since I was browsing old pics, here it is again. I believe this was on the Monterey coastline…semi-tame ground squirrels near the beach trail benches.

28 May

Baby goes outside part2

cat wants inside

When I let Baby outside, I leave the sliding door open a bit so he can rush back in if he gets nervous. This afternoon I closed it so I could take these pictures. Yes, I’m so mean, no, Baby wasn’t actually terrified or anything, and yes, I let him back in.

Of course, as soon as I went outside again, he followed me right back out. I sat in a chair, and he walked in circles around the chair. I got up and walked to one side of the cement patio, and he followed. I walked to the other side, and he followed. I went back inside, he followed. He’s glued to my side, apparently.

And apparently, it’s Baby photos week on Candid Crimson.

17 May

There’s no need to fear, Undercat is here!

Undercat is here!

My fuzzy hero. If you’ve don’t understand the post title reference, you’ve never seen Underdog. Shame on you.

Ye olde kitty has been wilting in the heat, so I occasionally wet a rag with water and dampen his fur a little. Sometimes I drape the rag over his back for a few minutes. Yes, he likes it. At first I was just going to post the original pics (below), but then during a burst of boredom I turned Baby into Undercat.

cat photo cat photo

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