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23 Aug

Orb Weaver spider


Orb weaver spiders have been taking over our backyard. Yesterday one created their signature oval web between the house and a bush, blocking sideyard access. We left it alone all day, and this morning it was broken and he was gone. Such is the life of a spider.

The photo is actually of another one that’s made its home near our garbage cans. He’s been there a while now. What amuses me is that the spider is actually positioned with it’s head pointed towards the ground…but if you flip the image (which I did), his mandibles etc. look like a face. Arms raised, he’s coming to get you! Hahaha

The other thing I like about the photo is the spinnerets on its behind are very noticeable. Lastly, don’t forget this is a macro crop, they are nowhere near giant sized or anything. ;)

01 Nov

Rainy season

It’s raining. Which of course means pictures.

I need a waterproof camera. But I guess a baggie held on by twine and rubberbands works in the meantime.

Another minor “complaint” about this new version of WordPress … I don’t like the photo uploader menu anymore, either. Sigh.

18 Jun

Ladybug larva on grass

ladybug larva

They’re actually a lot more black in color, not this grey/blueish. He was in dark shadow and I used the built-in flash to fill it, which caused his dark color to wash out, or something.

13 May

The belly of a ladybug larva

ladybug pupa

This is a ladybug pupa hanging ‘upside down’ from it’s anchor point on the fence. I like the image because one, it’s funky looking, and two, it’s not the typical top-down shot of ladybug larva. Apparently, they’re not black/orange on their underside. :)

13 May

Ladybug emerged from pupa


This ladybug had recently “hatched” from it’s pupa shell and was still gathering its energy.

13 May

Ladybug and larva battle over an aphid

ladybug and larva
ladybug and larva
ladybug and larva
ladybug eats aphid

On the backyard fence underneath a sappy tree, there are currently a lot of ladybug larvae running around, eating aphids and eventually turning into pupae so they can become ladybugs. As I was watching them scurry over the fence boards, I was witness to an adult ladybug catching an aphid…and a second later, an impudent larva waltzed right up and tried to snatch it away. There was a bit of a tug-of-war for the tasty morsel. After several seconds, the larva lost his grip, gave up, and the adult ladybug continued her meal in peace.

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