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30 Apr


Always sage advice…

…normally I don’t post license plate pics, but I’m sorry, if you have a vanity plate that’s funny and/or easily memorable, you’re likely an attention-seeker and open game.
…btw, if you think there’s even the remotest possibility that some day, you may find yourself having to flee the scene of a crime, I’d recommend not having a vanity plate.

23 Aug

Pier 39 & Fisherman’s Wharf



These are a couple of pics from when hubby and I went up to San Francisco to spend some time with his sister and brother. Pier 39 has the one area for seals to hang out in, and there were a lot of them that day. The other photo is a random shot of a man and his daughter near a bit of beach, close to Fisherman’s Wharf.

04 Jul

Fireworks - 4th of July

So today was the day the USA folk celebrate their country. Mostly, I think it’s just an excuse to not work, eat lots of food and party…we love excuses to do those things. Whatever you were doing to celebrate, I hope it was fun. Usually we don’t go to see firework shows because parking/crowds make it not worthwhile, but this year we actually got to see some decent fireworks.

firework display

fireworks display

We had forgotten that this city we moved to has their official fireworks display not too far away from our street - across the freeway, closer to the Bay, but not too far in terms of miles. The loud constant booms we heard tonight reminded us, and we left out house to walk to the end of the street. Except for a building that blocked the view a tad, we could seem them quite well, and they were fairly large in the sky. These pics aren’t very good…shutter speed was too slow, I was hand-holding, etc. But I kinda like them anyway, showing the smoke trails and such. The bottom photo was fiddled brightness-wise a lot, so you could better see the top of the building (and wires) that were in the way of our view. Not they were really in the way while watching - just for taking photos. hehe

06 Jun

Proof that squirrels like avocados

squirrel eating avocados

squirrel eating avocados

Not that proof is actually required or anything. It’s just cute.
Avocados are too big for squirrels to carry away, but they “roll” them around the yard a lot, from one spot to another…usually close to the fences. So we like to move them around just to mess with the squirrel’s heads. Hahaha.

16 May

Cat vs. squirrel

cat and squirrelcat and squirrel

One morning I looked out the sliding glass door and the neighbors cat was sitting on the fence, staring up at the big tree. A black squirrel jumped down from some very high branches in the tree and started to come down the trunk. The cat, understandably, was excited by this. The squirrel, also understandably, became disconcerted at the sight of the cat, halted, and ran back up the trunk. But only so far. Then it turned around and started a stare-off with the feline who dared to be in his way.

I was only able to shoot through the glass door/screen, for fear the sound of the door opening would scare them both away, so the pics are kinda fuzzy. It was hilarious to watch, trust me.

13 Apr

Cat & chairs in sunfilled doorway


The new house gets a lot of sunshine in the early morning, through the back sliding glass door. Hubby and I like to sit in chairs and absorb the sun’s heat while drinking our daily doses of caffeine. My cat Baby, oddly enough, doesn’t seem to like lying there too much. He’ll lie on the edge of the sun’s line, with his paws in the actual sun. I think he misses the carpeted floors.

Those are my slippers in the foreground. They were on sale for $6 at Target … I think they’re cutely amusing.

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