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28 Oct

Have a Happy Hamster Halloween

May you get lots of candy or party hard, or both. And do a hamster dance or two.

hamster dance

30 Apr


Always sage advice…

…normally I don’t post license plate pics, but I’m sorry, if you have a vanity plate that’s funny and/or easily memorable, you’re likely an attention-seeker and open game.
…btw, if you think there’s even the remotest possibility that some day, you may find yourself having to flee the scene of a crime, I’d recommend not having a vanity plate.

30 Apr

More hamsters


If you tear up tissue into smallish pieces and put them into your hamster cage, they’ll chew them up and line their nests with them. One of mine gets pretty fancy about it, too. This always makes me feel guilty when I clean the cage, because it destroys her fancy nest-work and has to start all over. I guess it gives them something to do tho.

The lighter grey hamster has learned that a hand inside the cage equals probable tasty treats, and thus she stands up on her hind legs, waving her front paws in the air to grab my finger in anticipation. Sometimes she even stands up like that if she sees I’m walking around in the room. She kind of looks like a mini-dancing bear. I could probably train her to walk on her hind legs as a ‘trick’, but I’m too lazy. It’s really cute tho.


30 Apr

Diablo3, where are thou?

It’s been almost two years since the official announcement of Diablo3 and I’m growing impatient.

I’ve finished playing Borderlands (a few times), I’ve played parts of Divine Divinity, Crysis, Tropico, and Torchlight. I’ve replayed parts of numerous favorite old games and currently my spare time has been spent playing …. absolutely nothing. I need a new smash&bash, item-hoarding gaming fix.


27 Apr

Tiny room, big furniture

The thing I miss most about our old rented house was having two large living areas. I’ve probably mentioned this before. Trying to arrange/fit furniture in our current small living room is like squeezing that ship into the bottle.

Hubby’s sister will soon be moving to Oregon, and during some of the early prep work, she asked us if we wanted an extra recliner-sofa. We wanted it, but would it fit? Hubby & I thought about it, measured, debated…and decided we could make it work. We moved the TV/buffet stand in front of the fireplace, and the new arrangement has been working out quite well. Especially for watching baseball.

living room

Now if it would just stop raining…seriously, it’s almost May, this is wonky on-again off-again weather for Calif…we’re more than ready to spend lazy, hot evenings lounging on our sofa.

27 Apr

The new pets: dwarf hamsters

dwarf hamsters

During the early Winter I finally decided to acquire some dwarf hamsters as pets. They’re very small and as adorable as can be. These two have very different personalities and so…you guessed it…I have a favorite. The one on the right. She’s light grey, more active/amusing and more affectionate. For a hamster, that is.

dwarf hamster

Much as I love cats, I’m still unsure if I want another cat once Baby dies - the care and time-commitment isn’t as appealing to me now as it was when I was twenty - and since dwarf hamsters are VERY simple to care for and have a short lifespan, I thought they’d be an option. I’d really like a squirrel, but, well, that’s not an option here. Dwarf hamsters are awesome tho, so I’m happy.

And no, Baby-kitty isn’t jealous. ;)

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