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18 Feb

The cat that thinks it’s a bird

Yup, it’s a cat sitting in an abandoned bird (or squirrels, not sure) nest. Made me laugh. :)
Sorry it’s an overly poor quality pic - it was almost dark outside and I had to push the ISO to 1600 and brighten the image in a photo editor.

One of the houses next door to us is a rental, and the people living there has changed once already, since we bought our house. The new folk are quiet and thus tolerable (heh), and they are cat people, which makes them automatically cool. The only problem is they have at least 3 cats, and they’re all outdoor ones, which means I find a lot more cat-poop in the dirt/tanbark areas of our yard. Drives me crazy, and is one argument for indoor-only cats. At least (most) pet dogs can’t jump six foot fences to poo in prodigious quantities in neighbors yards….

Also, the cats (naturally) like to annoy the squirrels/birds, so I tend to shoo the cats out of our yard when I happen to see them. Not that these cats are much danger to the squirrels - they’re small cats, maybe 6-8 pounds, and we’ve seen the squirrels actually jump at the cats in a threatening manner and make the cats back off. But since I prefer the squirrels to neighbor kitties, I’d rather the kitties learn that our yard can’t be their playground -at least during the day.

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